In 1980, the Regional Law in Azores No 16 / 80 / A was published, which provided the establishment of a regional public company with the name of the Azores Electricity Company, EP.

Constituted on 18th August of the following year, EDA , EP, as was abbreviated and popularly known, was aimed at the establishment and operation of public service production, transport and distribution of electricity in the Azores archipelago.

Year: 2016
Number of users: + 1.000
Countries: 1 country
Modules: Platform | Performance Management | Objectives Management | Management Training | Recruiting Management | Compensation Management
Project Governance: HR Director (Key -User) | IT Director (Project Management)



  • As global goals, they go through helping to align employees with the strategy, finding the right people and make the most efficient workers;
  • Aligning people with the company’s strategy;
  • Reduce training time with easy to use software;
  • Have lower and more predictable costs;
  • Connect cloud systems with on-premise systems;
  • Protect employee data with robust tools.

Benefícios and Gains

  • Single platform that enables the standardization of HR processes;
  • Scalable platform to more areas of Talent HR Management;
  • Performance evaluation and integrated Compensations;
  • Improvements in the recruitment process;
  • Provision of training content in e-learning format.