Energias de Portugal is an energy company, vertically integrated, with a consolidated position in the Iberian Peninsula, both in terms of production, distribution and sale of electricity, as well as gas.

Years: 2015 & 2016
Number of users: + 12.000
Countries: 4 countries
Modules: Platform | Performance Management | Objectives Management | Recruiting Management & Marketing | Career Development | Succession Management | Compensation Management
Project Governance: HR Director (Key -User) | IT Director (Project Management)



  • Equipping DP with a unique solution to manage corporate HR processes Globally and transversally to ensure alignment and compliance;
  • Increase the efficiency of Talent Management processes;
  • Enhance the development and retention of key knowledge and good practices in the Group;
  • Develop and disseminate a single corporate culture;
  • Identify and retain the existing talent within the Group.

Benefits and gains

  • Single platform that allows the harmonization of the corporate HR processes;
  • Performance Assessment ( Objectives ) and skills assessment;
  • Management Individual Development Plan;
  • Implementation Talent matrix 9’Box and Succession criteria;
  • Optimization of internal and external recruitment process;
  • Optimization of Compensation and Benefits Management.