José de Mello Saúde develops its activity on the health care industry in Portugal, with an experience of 70 years.

Its approach is governed by values ​​such as Respect for Dignity and Welfare, Human Development, Competency and Innovation, which guide an ongoing desire to be and do it better.

Year: 2015
Number of users: + 10.000 (two different appraisal models)
Countries: 1 country
Modules: Platform | Performance Management | Objectives Management | Management Training | E-Learning
Project Governance: HR Director (Key -User) | IT Director (Project Management)

José Mello Saúde


  • Project with two phases having different appraisal models and different performance evaluation target populations;
  • Get an integrated view of all performance evaluation functions;
  • Simplification standardization of processes;
  • Decentralized business with many HR centers in each hospital location.

Benefits and gains

  • Centralized control of two performance evaluation processes;
  • Decentralization of the HR function trough various HR subareas;
  • Speed ​​and control throughout the performance evaluation cycle;
  • Reduction of central administrative work of the HR function;
  • Using the SuccessFactors platform as a collaborative lever;
  • Performance Management project lasting five months, will allow for rapid adoption of the platform.