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We also focus in Application Support services in the search to assert ourselves as a partner in the relationship with your customers, enabling maximum optimization and productivity, all components of your SAP ecosystem.


Multidisciplinary team

Our employees HAVE a range of extended skills, allowing them to analyze any relevant issue

Flexibility and Adaptability

We are developing either from large corporations (more than 5000 employees) or from small corporations (up to 50 employees)

Contractual relationship tailored to your needs

We have different forms of contractual relationship: on request, on an hourly package or in a per intervention package;

Systematizing processes

We use internal control tools to ensure rapid prioritization and delivery of your request;

All changes made are documented in order to allow efficient management of knowledge, and evolution;


Our goal is simple: from our side, you don’t have just a resource, but an interlocutor, enabling it to follow the evolution of your needs, and quickly identify causes and solutions;

Geographical scope changed

We support our customers in different geographical latitudes, allowing our customers to have a service from a single partner;


  • Initiatives of “standardizing” functional processes;
  • Support for Shared Services Centers in the context of Multinational companies;
  • Project technical “upgrade” (Enhancement Packages, Support Packages, OSS notes);
  • “Staffing” for application support teams (in attendance mode);
  • Legal optimization of functional processes based on HCM:
  • Procedural audits;
  • Legal Updates;
  • Support development of new features (fully integrated into the SAP ecosystem, or integrated into other ecosystems);
  • Support for all phases of the project life cycle;
  • Creation of “add ons” to complement the SAP offering;
  • Support Contract Management
    • Regular meetings for analysis of the most recurrent themes and suggestion of procedural improvements
    • Conducting periodic reports on the contracts performance;
  • Tailor-made Training;