SAP + SuccessFactors: The combination of 40 years as a leader in business software, with 12 years of experience in cloud.

20M users in 4,000+ companies in 150+ countries in cloud.

$1B+ profit in 2013, that represents a three-digits growth.

World’s biggest cloud deployment with over 2.2M users.


These are the challenges for managing talent

  • Align individual goals with organizational strategy;
  • Closely monitor the progress in achieving objectives;
  • Each employee clearly knows how he contributes to the company’s strategy;
  • Find the right people;
  • Train employees in proper skills;
  • Rewarding in a fair and transparent manner, based on performance and results;
  • Analyse, crossing different information;
  • Calibrate talent;
  • Develop employees.



Putting people’s work on track

Goal Management – Communicate strategy, create significant individual goals throughout the organization and improve employee’s focus on what really matters, while allowing managers to monitor the progress of objectives in real time.

Performance Management – Measure, reward and relate the performance of employees to the company’s results. Simplify the performance evaluation process and give meaningful feedback.

Planning – Leverage relevant information and benchmarks to assess the readiness to implement strategies, predict the impact of business decisions, reduce risk and take action.


Finding the right people and make them grow

Recruitment – Transform recruitment in a continuous process of your talent management strategy through a complete platform for implementing recruitment procedures.

Compensation – Compensate your employees based on what they have achieved, establish a culture of pay-performance, retaining the top employees and increase productivity throughout the organization.

Training – Develop a strategy through a complete solution of training management that allows you to manage and develop training with instructor and online training.

Sucession – Anticipate and plan staff changes, ensuring that you have your talents prepared at all levels.

Speed up

Making people more efficient

Jam – Improve your employee’s productivity and teamwork joining collaboration, communication and content creation tools with a private social network for your organization.

Analytics – Offer your managers clear, simple, feasible and quantitative information through a combination of data on talent management and on the business.