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“The Digital Savvy C-Suite and Boardroom” report by Boyden Global Executive Search consultant concludes that 53% of managers believe their corporate leadership is not prepared to successfully implement a digital strategy.

More than 1,200 respondents, of which only 48% say they have digital training in the organizations where they work.

The reason behind this digital “gap” is, according to the consultant, the large investment needed for digital tools and resources and the existence of outdated KPIs that in the short term do not allow return on digital investments.

The study’s results will enable it to “strategically prepare companies for a successful digital transformation,” says the statement from Boyden.

Gray Hollet, Boyden Global Executive Search CMO, explains that it is imperative that companies adapt to the digital environment, “from Artificial Intelligence to e-commerce and data analysis, or risk the viability of the company and its own careers.” .

Fernando Neves de Almeida, Managing Partner of Boyden Global Executive Search Portugal, asks companies to “not see digital as a task to be done, but as a culture and a mindset”. Boyden further stresses that “personal traits and leadership traits are critical to guide companies in this context of digital change.”

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