Logo for Brisa

In 1972, Brisa Group’s mission was clear – to be a partner for the development of Portugal. Through the financing, design, construction and operation of motorway, the Group defined what is now the backbone of the Portuguese road system.

With advances in technology and with changing trends, a new need arose: to promote efficient mobility for people.

The strategy was rethought and the Group anticipated changes in society. Mobility is a condition for economic growth and Brisa’s new vision responds to this condition. Today, Brisa Group’s mission remains clear – to provide efficient mobility for people.







Modules: Platform | Perform & Goals| Recruioting | Career Development | Succession| Compensation
Project Governance: HR Director (Key -User) | IT Director (Project Management)


  • Increase the efficiency of Talent Management processes through a single platform;
  • To foster the development and retention of the key knowledge and good practices existing in the Group and Business;
  • Develop and disseminate a unique and corporate culture;
  • Identify and retain existing talent in the Group.

Benefits and Gains

  • Unique platform that allows the standardization of corporate HR processes;
  • Evaluation Skills;
  • Management Individual Development Plan;
  • Optimization of internal and external recruitment process;
  • Optimization of Compensation and Benefits Management.