Logo for Banco Montepio

Montepio and its group of organizations offer valuable trust built up over more than 175 years of service to Portuguese society.

It was born in 1840, under the name “Monte Pio dos Funcionários Públicos”. Specialized in private pension solutions, it is the largest mutual association in the country and one of the largest in Europe.

Today, Grupo Montepio includes, in addition to the associative dimension, a leading financial institution at national level and a group of companies specialized in the management of pension funds, investment, protection plans, insurance, assisted residences.



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Modules: Platform | Performance Management

Project Governance: HR Director (Key -User) | IT Directorate (Project Management)


  • Implement the Performance Management module in parallel with a process redesign;
  • Respect the specificities of the various internal areas;
  • Ensure the involvement of all hierarchies in the Performance Management process.

Benefits and Gains

  • Evaluation of Competencies and Objectives;
  • Scalable evaluation system and platform to more areas;
  • Easier to obtain and treat HR indicators.