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WHITE AIRWAYS, S.A. is a Portuguese company licensed and certified according to national and European standards for regular and non-scheduled passenger and cargo air transportation.

It has been a member of the OMNI Aviation Business Group since September 2006, currently a major player in the world aviation and whose operational philosophy is based on trinomial, safety, quality and service.

Operating a fleet of an Airbus 320, two Airbus 319CJ executives, a Boeing 777, a Boeing 737 and eight ATRs, and with a large experience in tourist flights, White is at the disposal of its customer to fly throughout the Year to any destination in the world.



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Modules:  Platform | Performance Management | Goals Management

Governance Project: HR Director (Key -User) | IT Director (Project Management)


  • Transforming HR processes and systems through the implementation of a global solution for all Omni Control Group companies.
  • Get an integrated view of all Performance evaluation functions.
  • Simplifying standardization of processes

Benefits and Gains

  • Process uniformity;
  • Decentralization of the RH function;
  • Speed ​​and control throughout the performance evaluation cycle;
  • Increased employee participation in the performance evaluation process;
  • Reduction of the central administrative work of the HR function;
  • Use of the SuccessFactors platform as a collaborative lever between collaborators;