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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation enables you to generate efficiencies through business process transformation, promoted through the adoption of new technologies, enabling you to create value for your organization through technological innovation.

Technology has evolved dramatically, becoming more affordable in terms of price and availability, and increasingly integrated with its current management tools, so it is time to capitalize on current technologies enabling best practice adoption, aiming to optimize the services provided.

Make Workforce Digital

Promoting new ways of working, with the integration of robots that ensure the execution of your work processes.

AMT has partnered with UiPath, a leading developer of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software development. Through this software we will be able to create virtual assistants for your team, which will allow immediate gains regarding the execution of your business processes.

Make Work Processes Digital

Through the introduction of software that will allow you to transform your processes, either from a perspective of dematerialization of processes, which previously resorted to manual steps or based on physical media. In this sense, AMT has established several partnerships to enable the delivery of Employee Digital File and Document Generation solutions. These solutions enable greater compliance with GDPR standards, ensuring effective control over the personal and contractual documents of its employees.

Change Management

Change Management is a systematic approach to managing the transition or transformation of objectives, processes or technology within an Organization.

In the implementation of technology projects, it is often disruptive, as it seeks to enhance process improvement through the implementation of new tools and work approaches. Change Management is the implementation of strategies that enable change to be implemented, managing and controlling the transformation process and helping people to adapt to the required changes.


Inform and clarify process changes, ensuring stakeholder alignment, reducing uncertainty about changes that will occur.


Ensure the transfer of technical and functional knowledge about new processes and / or tools, making use of appropriate approaches to the required transition.

Process Design

Redesign of process models, ensuring that activities and stakeholders are well identified, ensuring that everyone knows their role.


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